Thursday, August 21, 2008

MySpace Records Issues Re-Release of "Polysics or Die"

by All right people, summer's just about over. Put your Havaianas back in your closet. And those summertime Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, and Amos Lee tunes can all go to the bottom of your iPod rotation. Fall is just a mere 32 days away, so chug that pot of coffee, buy the Polysics' new album "Polysics or Die!!! Vista", and crank the speakers up to ELEVEN. Kaja Kaja goooooo!

Polysics is a Japanese "new wave" band that has a unique Devo-esque punksynthpoprock thing going on. They call their type of music "technicolor pogo punk" which seems about right. The band is not surprisingly named after the classic Polysics Korg synthesizer. They recently signed with MySpace Records and have re-released their 2005 album, now titled "Polysics or Die!!! Vista." Polysics' lyrics are an interesting mishmash of Japanese, English and, um, jibberish. All the songs are infectious, but "Electric Surfin Go Go" is one of my favorites. If iTunes isn't your thing, you can purchase their album on their MySpace page. Be sure and keep an eye out for "They Ate The Machine" which will be released in the U.S. at the end of September.

They don't have plans for a US tour anytime soon, but those lucky Europeans get to see them at Festival Marsatac on September 27th in Marseille, France.

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