Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jarret, Peacock and DeJohnette Celebrate 25 Years of Masterful Jazz

by Lori King

When I think of Keith Jarrett, I think of avant-garde, abstract expressionist jazz. Turns out my opionion was rather narrow-minded. After listening to "Setting Standards: New York Sessions" I've come to think of Jarrett as an unpredictable yet brilliant pianist, with feet in both the abstract and conservative jazz worlds. The Setting Standards set, which EMI released this year to commemorate the fact that Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette have been around for 25 years, is a gem. This set of three albums makes the case that this jazz trio is truly one of the best in the world.

When I first looked at the CD, I recognized several well-known jazz standards. I figured Jarrett would completely reinvent these songs. Instead, he added his own spin without turning it into something completely unrecognizable. One of my favorites is the ballad "Never Let Me Go." On this song drummer Jack Dejohnette is amazing - he perfectly complements Jarrett's crisp playing with his fluid rhythms. In "God Bless The Child" bassist Gary Peacock kicks in the groove and your head just can't stop bopping to the rich bass line. Simply amazing. Catch them at New York's Stern Auditorium/Perleman Stage on October 18th.

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dlight said...

Thoughtful review of the latest music from some jazz greats. Makes me want to go and check it out. Keep the comments coming!